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RCM has been one of California’s most diversified fire protection contractors since 2001. We provide the same level of commitment, quality, and professional service no matter the scale of the project. Our field technicians average 17 years of experience and are an advocate of continued education. We make sure our employees continue to learn and grow new techniques within the industry. We offer in house design and installation to ensure that the quality of our work is consistent from beginning to end. We care about your continued safety and provide after installation care and service.

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RCM Fire doesn’t compromise on quality. The company was built on a strong belief that quality comes first and it shows in our employees, drawings, how we operate on-site and the materials we use.

Our company is committed to the highest ethical standards and refuses to cut corners, period.  It’s the very reason why our clients have faith in our team.

RCM Fire strives for setting the bar high and we do this through continuous improvement of our training, innovation and systems. Our team is behind the success of our past, future and current projects and it’s the reason why we invest the time and effort towards their training year after year.

Message from the president

The goal of RCM Fire is to be an integral part of our client’s team.

Through my years in construction, I realized that having a dedicated, passionate and experienced team can make the most complicated projects run smoothly. Our company will give your project our all and be right there with you to solve the most complex problems and to ensure that our job will be completed right the first time. The RCM team is uncompromising in their commitment to our clients and our industry partners.

Ray Misfeldt

President & CEO

our People: join Us!

If you’re looking for a career in fire protection, please visit our “Careers” page below. RCM Fire is proud to have many long tenured employees. We place a strong emphasis on investing in our staff and camaraderie. 


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Ray Misfeldt

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