Make no mistake, our installers have experience. Each foreman will have a minimum of 5 years and 8500 hours of supervised on the job training, and 880 hours of classroom instruction. During this 8500 hour apprenticeship, they acquire the experience and knowledge that life safety systems installation command and our customers expect.


RCM offers in house fabrication. Unlike most sprinkler companies that rely on outside fabrication, we have the ability to design and fabricate, all within a 24 hour period. This allows us to respond to the demanding schedules we often encounter, it allows us to meet crucial deadlines, and it allows us to respond to emergency situations, anytime of any day.

Design Build/BIM

Let us design a system to meet your building design, specification and budget. Our systems are designed and coordinated by our own personnel, in house. We utilize all of the latest technology including BIM, Navis Works, Tekla,, Revit, AutoCad and HydroCad.

Inspection, Testing, Maintenance

California title 19 and NFPA 25 California Edition require that all commercial building fire sprinkler systems be inspected quarterly, tested annually, and every 5 years. These periodic services are what ensure that your system will be ready when called upon. At RCM, we partner with our clients to not only keep their systems working and compliant, but also educate them so they understand and build knowledge of their fire protection system. We will design a program specific to each client’s needs. So partner with us, and rest comfortable and know that your life safety system will work when needed. For a free evaluation and estimate please contact us.

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Ray Misfeldt

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